About me

Debut Pamphlet “The Bone Staircase” out with Live Canon in November

‘These poems remind me of the moment when the match catches, flares, makes the room suddenly startling. They jolted me out of my ordinary ways of seeing, illuminating the landscape of the body but also how we carry places in our bones” – Helen Mort

“Here is a bold yet tender voice, a sensibility shedding light on vital difficult dark places, situations and challenges. Kerry Priest is a chronicler of body and soul, a participating witness to bodily realities and to the soul-making that accompanies such realities. In The Art the poet discerns patiently what can be made out on the cave wall by the faint light of ‘the tallow gloam’: ‘a suggestion of bison, /mammoth prongs, an antelope heel’ and this essential scrutiny is to be found throughout this lyrical, witty, courageous collection.”  – Penelope Shuttle




Debut pamphlet The Bone Staircase, Live Canon (Forthcoming, 2020) Sample here:

“Womb” in Dark Mountain (2020)

“Borders”, “The Lesser Bohemians” and “A Narrow Road” in Poetry Salzburg Review (2020)

“Womb” in Future PoemsEmma Press (2019)

“Debussy Writes Images” and “Nausea” in French Literary Review (2019)

“Medicine Wheel” in Acumen 92 (2018)

“The Unexpected Side-benefits of a Slow and Premature Death” in Best New British and Irish Poets (Eyewear 2018)

“Mid-afternoon” in Moor Poets IV (2018)

“Learning the Ropes” in Moor Poets IV (2018)

“St Davids” in The Broadsheet (2017)


I do a weekly show on Soundart Radio 102.5FM , combining spoken word with improv noise music. It goes out at 3pm every Friday.

My radio drama, “The Assisi Machine” was syndicated on the Radia network in August 2018. You can listen to it here.


The Don is the Subject and Object of History was longlisted in the National Poetry Competition 2020.

My pamphlet, The Bone Staircase was shortlisted in the Cinnamon Press pamphlet competition 2020 and won the Live Canon pamphlet competition.

Medicine Wheel was nominated for the Forward Prize 2019.

Highly commended in the Bradford on Avon Arts Festival Poetry Competition for my poem, “Debussy writes Images”.

Shortlisted for this year’s Bridport Prize with two poems, “The unintentional side-benefits of a slow and painful premature death” and “Lines written in intensive care in Croatia”.


“Kerry Priest, you were fantastic. Great soundscapes with your unusual instruments. Very moving words too. A sublime performance I thought you were great.” – Jason Disley, Promoter of the Speaky Blinders night, Paignton.

Supporting Jo Bell at The Barrell House, Totnes 25th September 2019

Headlining (with Susan Taylor) The Word Cafe at The Cott Inn, Dartington, Friday 26th October.

The first Wednesday of every month, I tend to read at Chagford’s Outspoken night at the Globe Inn. The night is hosted by the marvellous Jackie Juno.

Stanza Extravaganza at the Artizan Gallery in Torquay, Monday 29th Jan 2018

The Word Cafe at The Cott Inn, Dartington, 24th November 2017

Stanza Extravaganza at the Artizan Cafe in Torquay, 23rd October 2017 (headline set)

Lecturer in English for Musicology at von Humboldt University Berlin (2012-13)
Lecturer in Cultural Studies at Eichstaett University, Bavaria (2011-12)
Lecturer in Intercultural Communications MA, University of Littoral Cote d’Opale, France (2010-11)

‘Wild Women of the High Moors: Eco-feminism among the witches of Dartmoor’ Dalai Lama Compassion Research Centre, Oxford (2017)
‘Transatlantic Conversations: Britain, America, and the Birth of Pop’ Skopje University, Macedonia (2016)
‘What is Britain?’ European Union Centre, Skopje, Macedonia (2016) hosted by the British Embassy, Republic of Macedonia
‘Modern to Post-modern, Punk to Post-Punk’ Queens’ College, Oxford (2013)
‘Avant Garde Electronic Music: Webs of significance’ The London College of Fashion (2006)


Edinburgh 2002, MA (Hons) Linguistics and Social Anthropology.

Founding Committee Member of the Oxford research institute: Dalai Lama Centre for Compassion